Legalisation of marijuana

Legalisation of marijuana.


Legalisation of marijuana

Some people will argue that the legalisation of marijuana should change. I don’t see how it shouldn’t be legal, because we have alcohol which is more harmful than marijuana. There have been no recordings that marijuana has killed anyone whereas with alcohol there have been numerous encounters where people have died from either alcohol poisoning, drink driving or self harm. It is possible while you have smoked weed you could go and get hit by a car or something but it doesn’t prove that marijuana killed you.

One of the reasons marijuana should be legal is that the government won, it get taxes from it. Marijuana can be grown anywhere, unlike tobacco. People would grow their own and wouldn’t sell it in the shops.

Marijuana should be legal because it helps with people who have depression; marijuana makes people happier. It wont stop all the drug dealers and gangs but if marijuana was legal people would grow it themselves which then MEANS THAT no one would have to deal and there might be fewer crimes.

“Basically, researchers followed more than 5000 men and women over 20 years to see how smoking tobacco and marijuana affected lung health. What did they find? Not surprisingly, tobacco use had significant negative effects on lung function. Marijuana use, though, had none. No lung effects at all. They couldn’t even show that very high use of marijuana was bad for lung function, although the study wasn’t powered for that analysis.”  Said Aaron Caroll

Aaron is a researcher, this quote came from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Better: reading this,  I thought that there would be a sign that marijuana does do some damage after a while but according to Caroll it doesn’t. I was surprised when I found out that marijuana doesn’t damage anything in the body. I wasn’t surprised about tobacco, because you take the smoke into your lungs when you smoke then exhale and it stays in your lungs.

Another reason the government will not legalize marijuana is because they think that legalizing marijuana will cause a lot more violence and gangs. People would have more of a reason to sell marijuana, and if one mistake was made there would be violence and more crimes which the police do not need.

My reasons for marijuana to be legalised is that I think it should be legal because other substances are legal why can’t marijuana? no one will ever stop people using or selling the product. Of course there should be an age limit like there is on any other ‘harmful’ thing in the world. I don’t smoke, but for people who do it is more relaxing for them and it’s their bodies. Just like the law we have for tobacco in some of our states, people who smoke marijuana can not smoke it in public areas or cause harm to others. From the research I have read, when you smoke marijuana, you don’t feel the need to hurt anyone else or yourself, you’re just slow and I don’t see how this is hurting anybody.

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Is the internet killing the newspaper?

My opinion is that the newspaper has definitely been affected by the internet, these are my reasons why.

Anyone that already pays for the internet has access to the news, why would they want to go out and by a news paper when there is news on your computer. There is no need to make a trip to the shops to buy a newspaper.

The internet has news from around the world, to catch up on what is going on in someones home country is easy on the internet. To get all of this information in printed format may require multiple newspapers.

This is the digital age, everyone from small kids to older people are familiar with the internet, whether it’s for games, Facebook or just checking emails everyone knows how to use the internet.

For the newspaper to survive and be financial towards the future they will need to change with or alongside the internet. The newspaper needs to think about how they could compete with the internet. They need to maybe offer people something extra, maybe something personal, something that isn’t easy to get on the internet. There is no evidence that the internet is rising in traffic or a fall in the newspaper, it varies in what city or country you are in.

With the national broadband network being rolled out across Australia, and the Government offering schemes like laptops for kids schools, most kids and teenagers do not even think about reading a newspaper.

These groups are the future readers at the newspapers so this is the market that the newspapers should be targeting and changing to accommodate. If they can after this market something that the internet can’t then the printed newspaper may be able to survive.

There are new opportunities for the newspaper to develop but some say they are scared of change


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Facebook is an online social networking site that connects people with friends and family. People use Facebook to keep in touch with their family members and friends, you can upload an unlimited amount of photos, you can make status updates any time of the day and also update your status as much as you like, another thing Facebook allows you to do is comment or “like” other people’s photos or posts that they put on their Facebook pages. On Facebook you can do multiple things such as, you can upload pictures and comment on other people’s picture, you can update your status’ and comment on other people’s status updates and you can also subscribe to people and add or block people on Facebook. You can put your Facebook on private and make only your friends see it or only your self see certain things on your profile, or you can make your profile public and allow everyone who searches your name to see whats on your wall and your updates.

Facebook was created and set up in 2004 by Harvard students;  Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and  Chris Hughes. In 2009 Facebook was known as the most used social networking site. From april 2012 Facebook has over 900 million users, these users must sign up to Facebook with their email address.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash the predecessor of Facebook,  on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore. According to The Harvard Crimson, the site was comparable to Hot or Not, of photos that complied from the nine houses, placing two people together and asking which one was ‘hotter’. To do this mark had to hack Harvard protected areas and copy the houses image ID’s. Six days after Facebook launched mark was accused by 3 seniors into misleading them into building their own social network called The three seniors complained to the Harvard  and the newspaper began an investigation. The three later filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg. Divya Narendra  later filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg but the matter was settled outside of court.